Retirement Income Planning

The number one retirement concern we consistently hear from clients is “We just don’t want to run out of money.”

What if you could make sure you would never run out of INCOME, even if you run out of money?

Bowen Wealth believes retirement planning for a consistent, steady, and diversified stream of income demands you position money for a purpose. Whether utilizing a Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA), dividend paying stocks, or real estate, all options should be on the table. We must consider the many filing strategies with Social Security maximization in mind. If you are lucky enough to have pension options, we must analyze all available choices, including pension drawdown. Beginning at age 72, the government will force you to comply with Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs). Your retirement income plan should account for all of this in a detailed, written document with instructions for how and when to access your money. That way, you can spend with added confidence.

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