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Annuity Income Analysis

When was the last time you reviewed your annuity? Does it still meet your needs? Know where your annuity stands with our Annuity Income Analysis!

Putting You in Charge of Your Financial Future

Is your retirement not getting the attention it deserves? Are you confident in your approach to your portfolio? Can’t get an appointment with your own financial advisor? Why are you getting worked up when you should be settling down?

If you’re lacking focus on the “retire” part of your retirement, Bowen Wealth brings the attention back to you. Emphasizing a variety of investment strategies, our goal is to help minimize losses in down years while offering growth opportunities during good years. When you are ready for a retirement income stream, your money will be available, and you’ll maintain control of your assets. Bowen Wealth is passionate about helping you protect, grow, and reduce taxes on your wealth.

Think it sounds too good to be true? Let’s talk. We’ll show you what’s possible.

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Why us?

Brandon founded Bowen Wealth to help his clients pursue the financial independence they deserve in retirement. As a financial advisor, Brandon knows what his clients need and is passionate about helping eliminate financial planning confusion.

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Our Approach

The first step in answering your retirement questions is finding a financial advisor you can trust, who you feel comfortable with, and who will act in your best interest. That’s why we like to sit down and discover your needs, and not try to make you fit into ours. We’re here to build your retirement – not the other way around.

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What We Do For You

Bowen Wealth focuses on personalized investment strategies to help you realize your financial goals. Whether it’s wealth management, retirement income planning, or charitable giving, we can craft a blueprint to take you where you want to go. Schedule a complimentary meeting with Brandon to learn more.

Retirement Income Planning

You’ve worked hard and saved money throughout your career with the purpose of funding your retirement. Now you need a retirement plan that emphasizes protection. Let us provide you with retirement consulting and personalized strategies that feature added safety from market volatility, income, and control of your savings, fixed index annuities (FIAs), pension, Social Security, and more.

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Wealth Management

We believe planning your estate is one of the most important things you can do. Together with outside estate planning attorneys, we can help manage your inheritance, will, and trust so your wealth gets passed on exactly how you want it to.

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Tax Planning

What if we could find extra monthly income just by setting your taxes straight? Tax minimization is complex and unique to each individual. We can help you understand the choices and options available to you in a fluid and shifting environment.

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