About Us

CEO and founder of Bowen Wealth, Brandon’s passion is to eliminate the confusion of retirement, wealth management, and legacy planning.

Today’s retiree deserves to have a wide range of financial solutions and unbiased guidance. Brandon Bowen is that complete financial advisor who can coach you through every aspect of the perfect financial plan.

Brandon’s experience as an Investment Advisor Representative, fiduciary advisor, and licensed insurance agent has given him a perspective that can give you added peace of mind because you are prepared, no matter what the future may hold. Through his strengths and abilities in solving problems while developing client-focused financial plans, Brandon has built countless relationships, which is the true reward he seeks. In addition, he has contributed to Fortune.com, Forbes.com, and Money.com to share specific, tangible steps to help retirees pursue their goals and win financially.

Born and raised here in South Carolina, Brandon grew up working on his parents’ farm, learning the values of integrity and hard work. He is a graduate of Winthrop University and is married with two beautiful daughters. Ultimately, he is guided daily by his personal relationship with his savior, Jesus Christ.