Investment Management

During the accumulation stage (ages 30-55) of investing, you sought growth in your stocks, bonds, and mutual funds with little regard for volatility and risk. Now in the preservation stage (ages 56-70), we bet you’re not up for all that stress anymore.

Another way of defining market risk is pain tolerance. At this point in your financial journey, how much pain are you are willing to endure? If you have saved well up to this point, you most likely only need to average 4%-6% to achieve the financial independence you deserve.

As wealth advisors, we can help make sure you are not over-exposed, destined to repeat the crash of 2008. Fees and expenses are another reason you might run out of money in retirement. Our proper Portfolio Analysis uncovers all fees, expense ratios, loads and other hidden costs to help you decide which investment plan is right for you. While nothing is really free in this world, as licensed fiduciary advisor, Brandon can help make sure any costs are fair and transparent.

We also use Riskalyze, a risk and portfolio management tool to help you know exactly the risk you’re taking on in your investments. Riskalyze analyzes your portfolio and maps out the potential future of your finances with intuitive, easy-to-understand numbers and visuals. Bowen Wealth stands behind Riskalyze as a fantastic support for your retirement.

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